Lisa Birke receives Jury Award for Creative Achievement from the Arizona International Film Festival

Lisa Birke, Associate Faculty in Digital and Extended Media and principal investigator for shARed spaces was invited to present her video, Dawn of Melancholy: A Birthday Soliloquy at the 2024 Arizona International Film Festival (AIFF)Dawn of Melancholy: A Birthday Soliloquy is a large-scale video projection embedded with two augmented reality triggers that allowed content to spill out of the screen and into the exhibition space via the visitor’s mobile device. The video ruminates on the passage of time, reproduction, and meaning making as the lines between lived and digitally enhanced experience become blurred. Viewers become implicated in this task when they inadvertently assist the artist in escaping the confines of the video projection through augmented reality.   Lisa received the Jury Award for Creative Achievement from the AIFF for this work.  As part of the Festival, Lisa was also invited to participate on a panel entitled Women in Narrative, Documentary & Experimental Filmmaking. A video recording of this panel can be found here.