Viral Strain

Shared Spaces is please to host Viral Strain, a mixed media exhibition by Leanne Read for her BFA Honours thesis. Viral Strain uses a lighthearted stylistic approach to represent the complex, multi-faceted, and “heavy” social impacts the pandemic has had, particularly on the younger generation.

Leanne Read_Viral Strain_2022

3D Models

Left to right: screenshots of Go Viral, DissensionAnd More Trash, and Tornado Named Covid.

Viral Strain at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery

Leanne Read, Viral Strain, installation view, 2022.

Leanne Read, Go Viral, installation view, 2022.

Leanne Read, Dissension, installation view, 2022.

Leanne Read, And More Trash, installation view, 2022.


About the Artist


Throughout her time as a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours student, Leanne Read developed a passion for animation, digital art, and sculpture. Leanne worked as a studio production assistant for a multi-media installation called Natures of Reality with professor Lisa Birke. She created a short, animated film, "Water You Waiting For", as part of a student scholarship/mentorship summer program in collaboration with Global Waters Futures initiative to bring awareness of water security issues to the general public. In 2020 and 2021, Leanne created 3D augmented models that were exhibited on the SHARED SPACES app as part of Nuit Blanche Eve at the University of Saskatchewan. Leanne is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards from the University of Saskatchewan including the Manjari Sharma Memorial Award in Sculpture, the Anna Bychinsky Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts or Music, and the Hantelman Humanities Undergraduate Scholarship. She is also an awardee of the Prince Edward Arts Scholarship from SK Arts.