University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries and Collection awarded Canada Council Digital Strategy Fund Grant

The University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries and Collection has been awarded $482,150 through Canada Council for the Arts' Digital Strategy Fund. Over the three year project term, the Galleries will develop digital services to facilitate greater communication, inclusion, and engagement within the Saskatchewan arts community. You can more in this article written by Shannon Boklaschuk at:

Initial Design Workshops in Saskatoon and Regina

To the ensure our proposal to Canada Council's Digital Strategy Fund was grounded in an understanding of the needs and desires of the Saskatchewan arts community, in addition to precedent reviews and other secondary research, we held two design workshops (in Saskatoon and Regina) in October 2018. We asked participants - artists, arts organization representatives, UX designers, and members of the public - to describe a time they enjoyed interacting with art digitally and a time they found frustrating to gain a deeper understanding of the design possibilities for art and technology.