Design workshop in La Ronge

I traveled up north within Saskatchewan to La Ronge to meet with a group of individuals who are either artists who work in various forms of mediums, or who enjoy taking some part in the arts. This was the first group to experiment with the Augmented Reality (AR) artworks we displayed. At first, I was skeptical of whether this group would enjoy interacting with the AR, or if the whole process and experiencing AR was too challenging. They were skeptical at first, questioning why we chose the AR route, and whether technology should be the recommended platform we chose to view art. However, after their experience with AR, the group really seemed to enjoy the experience. They were able to download the app on their phones and enjoyed moving around in the given space to observe the art. As well, showing what they saw created through their phones created a more connected experience. The La Ronge group was really amazed by how they were able to see a 3D sculpture in the middle of the room and walk around the sculpture to view it from different angles. They also saw AR being used by those who are physically unable to go to galleries or those who cannot make the long-distance travel. The La Ronge group could see AR for not just viewing art but in advertising or promoting one’s own show or giving individuals information about the artist, their works or about an event directly to their phone from the AR triggers.

Written by Dorothy Chung, User Engagement Team Member